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The Bagalong in action!

The Bagalong's large neckpad and shoulder straps distribute the load evenly no matter how long a trip you have to the kitchen.


How much stuff can The Bagalong hold?
I've had eight full bags on it with no problem...probably could've put two more on, but I didn't want to carry that much. The hooks and nylon webbing are strong and it can hold a lot, however DO NOT USE THE BAGALONG FOR ANY TYPE OF CLIMBING OR SAFETY PURPOSES!!!

Is The Bagalong the most important invention mankind has ever seen?
Close. According to a recent poll that I made up for this FAQ, The Bagalong was ranked #2 just behind the wheel (#1) and just ahead of the telephone (#3).

Will I look cool using The Bagalong?
Hell yeah! Didn't you see the video?

What do I do with my old granny cart?
I don't know...give it to a homeless person or something. I bet it would be the equivalent of someone walking up and just giving you a car.

Aren't you worried about offending homeless people?
You're right. I have a problem. I'll report to rehab immediately for sensitivity training.

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