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The Bagalong in action!

The Bagalong's large neckpad and shoulder straps distribute the load evenly no matter how long a trip you have to the kitchen.


Living in an apartment building, grocery shopping almost always requires the added chore of lugging your newly purchased food all the way to your kitchen from wherever you park your car, or for you city dwellers, all the way from the store! Even if you park in a garage in your building, chances are you have several locked doors to negotiate and a considerable distance to cover while carrying your grocery bags. Up until now you had a couple options:

1) Make multiple trips to the car. Not for me! You see, I'm lazy. But sometimes laziness can be a good thing...as in this case. Here, my laziness in not wanting to make multiple trips to the car allowed me to come up with a way to save time and energy that we can all enjoy!

2) Gather up all the bags and struggle to carry them all at once. Grimace through the pain as the handles dig into your hands. Sigh as you put your food down on the floor (YUCK!) to take out your keys.

Not anymore!! The Bagalong allows you to carry all your groceries HANDS FREE!!! Whether it's from the car to the kitchen or all the way from the store to your home (for you hardcore city dwellers without cars!), Bagalong is the answer for you!

The Bagalong's ergonomic design evenly distributes the weight across your shoulders allowing you to carry a large load as far as you need to go.

Plus it's fully adjustable to accommodate all body types!

The lyrics to the BagaSONG say it all:

With Bagalong hand pain is gone,
You can talk on the phone or you can get your drink on,
When you get to the door there'll be no need to moan,
Cause there's no better way to get your groceries home.

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